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2018 Computer Club Meetings

The next meeting of the PebbleCreek Computer Club will be held on Monday, February 19 at 4:15 in the Eagle's Nest Ballroom.  

Agenda for Feb 19th
-   Troubleshooting a lost Internet Connection
-   Loose ends pertaining to Internet
-   File Management on your computer
-   Giving your Computer a checkup
-   Questions and Answers
It may help you to bring all handouts from the last three weeks to the meeting.
It should be noted that the schedule of topics on the website is about one week behind.  The original plan was to start Word Processing this week.  We likely won’t start that until next week.
Remember guests are always welcome.


Dan Phelka

President and Instructor

Handouts for February 19    
File Management Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Giving Your Computer a Checkup Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Handout for February 12    
Email Discussion 2018 Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Handouts for January 29 and February 5    
Big Web Site List, 2018 Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)
Internet Speedup & Troubleshooting Word (.doc) Adobe (.pdf)

You can also click an option below to download the full schedule for the 2018 season - shown in Word (.doc) format and in Adobe format (.pdf)

The Schedule Page on this web site shows the same inforation, and will be updated each week with that week's handout(s).

Download the 2018 schedule in Word format (.doc)

Download the 2018 schedule in Adobe formst (.pdf)


The next Apple SIG meeting is scheduled for February 28 at 4 PM in the Eagles Nest Palm Room. (changed from 2/21 due to room availibility)

Overview from 1/24

Managing Print and Save Dialogs
o   Desktop files and folders
o   Using ICloud drive to sync desktops across multiple devices
o   Using Finder – Customizing folder icons
o   Sleep (Powernap) or Shut down your Mac

o   preferences,
o   tabs
o   clearing website data.

Mark Roberts, Facilitator, 602-821-7027




Computer Club Team

Upper: Tech Assistant: Gene Stotts; Apple SIG Facilitator: Mark Roberts;
                 President: Dan Phelka; Webmaster: Mark Pelletier
Lower: Vice President: Mollie McErlean; Secretary: Kathy Phelka; Treasurer: Tony Gibson


Weekly Classes

Instruction classes are held on Mondays in the Eagles Nest Ballroom from 4:15 PM to 6 PM, and will begin the first week of January and continue through late April.


Lab Classes

Smaller classes on specific topics are frequently offered for groups of 6 to 12 in our Computer Lab, Room 108 at the Eagles Nest Activity Center. Click on "Registration" above for class listings and to sign-up.

The PebbleCreek Computer Club is a PCHOA approved organization

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