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This schedule lists Dan's planned topics for each weekly class this year.

There will also always be time for your questions

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2018 Session Topics

Meeting the needs of our members is paramount.  Therefore, changes may be made along the way to cover topics not included below.  Also, if there is intense interest in a subject I will not hesitate to expand coverage.  Sometimes I have a tendency to want to cover too much material in a given meeting.  Your questions help me focus, so by all means ask them.  Don't ever worry about what you may think of as a silly question.  The only silly question is one that wasn't asked.  
Phelka - Instructor & President (623-535-7791)



Session Name

Topics Covered (Very General)

Nov 13



Scam Discussion


Scams, Etc.

OPEN MEETING (attend without joining). Welcome to PebbleCreek Computer Club.  Introduction of officers and explanation of plan for the year.  Getting a feel for attendee demographics.  Some discussion of computer basics, definitions, operating systems (Win 7, Win 8/8.1 and Win 10) and computer applications.  All further references to Window 8 also include 8.1.

   Focus on Scams and some talk of computer problems, including slowness. This discussion should be of interest to all.  Questions and Answers.  Throughout the year I will have two computers at the each meeting - one with Windows 10 and one with Windows 7. 

   A paper handout will be available today and with each session.  If you become a member, handouts will be emailed to you before each meeting.

Jan 8 2018

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider when buying a computer.  Continuing with common terminology.  More exposure to Windows 10. General discussion for beginners.  Handout consists of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers.  Although I have only a Win 7 and Win 10 computer at the meetings, questions on Windows 8, Vista and XP are still welcome. (Microsoft has stopped supporting Win XP and Vista, it is still perfectly OK to keep either - as many do.  Win 7 will be supported through 2020)

Jan 15


Settings and Features



How to use the start menu and change its format. More coverage of Win 10.  Taskbar menu.  How to alter display properties to personalize your computer.  What’s in the control panel with discussion of things you can change and things you shouldn’t change.  Working with Setting area of Win 10. How to use Windows (File) Explorer, which is different from Internet Explorer, to organize your files and folders. Where to find these items in

Win 10. Keeping a computer efficient and safe.   Virus checkers and Spyware checkers discussed.  More compvvvvvv

Jan 22


Session 1

Internet Browsers

Virus Summary



General discussion of ISPs. (Internet Service Providers) Choosing an ISP.  Signing on.  Internet Explorer settings & menus. Introduction to the new Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Win 10.  Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.  Deciding on a home page.  Using a search engine such as Google.  Search technique suggestions. Using an encyclopedia and dictionary.   Introduction to some very interesting websites.  How to get questions answered online. Making you computer faster on the Internet. Web terminology.  Internet and Windows questions will ALWAYS be addressed.  This is the heart of PC use.  So never hesitate to ask anything!  This session and the next two always prove to be very interesting and popular.

Jan 29 & Feb 5


Sessions 2 & 3

Big Web Site List 2018

Internet Speedup & Troubleshooting


Focus on other aspects of the Internet - e.g. Shopping and banking.  Introduction to E-bay and Half.com. Using Amazon.com.  Focus on Travel related capabilities, Including Travelocity, Expedia and Tripadvisor.  Introduction to "Tabbed Browsing".  Using the Internet to reserve flights, hotels, rental cars and dinner reservations.  How to track airplanes in flight.  How to use different corporate websites to get things done - e.g. bill paying, Property Taxes, APS, Southwest Gas, American Express and other credit cards. Always bring you questions.  Using the pebblecreekhoa.org website.

Feb 12 and
Feb 19


Email Discussion

File Management

Computer Checkup

Discussion of email.   Using Mail handler in Win 10, Windows Live (Win 7 and 8).  How to get on the PebbleCreek E-group.  Working with attachments, forwarding email and using the address book.  Managing your email.  Using the BCC (blind carbon copy) feature. Establishing an account with Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.  Common email errors. 

Feb 19 and
Feb 26

Microsoft Word 1

(Word Processing in General)

Word Handout #1

Word Layouts


Basic explanation of ribbons, settings and documents.  How to work with fonts, margins, copy, cut and paste.  Changing things in a document and cleaning up basic formatting problems. Print preview.   I will briefly compare Word 2003 to Word 2007 (or 2010, 13 and 16). Office version 2007 and later will be stressed.  I will also discuss some free office productivity suites including MS Office 2010 Starter Edition (Win7 only), Apache OpenOffice, WPS Office and King LibreOffice.  As always, questions and answers.

Mar 5

Word 2

Word Handout #2

Working with spell check and auto correct.  Using some of the basic features.  Adding lines, boxes and WordArt to a document.  Creating personal letterhead.  Creating labels.  Working with tables.  Sorting and editing.   Adding Clipart

Mar 12


Word 3

Word Handout #3

Three Questions

Close up loose ends in word processing.  If this session isn’t necessary, this will be an open week to talk more about the Internet, Windows and address audience concerns.

Mar 19

Excel 1

Excel Giant Handout

Excel Layout

Basic introduction to Excel and Spreadsheets. Title of this session should be "Why You Should Know Something About Spreadsheets, Even If You Think You Don't Need to Know Anything About Spreadsheets".  Ribbons and settings will be addressed. Cell formatting, rows and columns, borders, worksheets, workbooks, editing will be covered.  Some basic applications and uses.  What Excel is good for and what it isn’t so good for.  Comparison of Excel 2003 and 2007.  Emphasis will be on Excel version 2007 and later. Review of Excel wannabes such as Works, OpenOffice, WPS Office and LibreOffice.

Mar 26

Excel 2

Excel Supplement

Basic addition and subtraction applications within a spreadsheet.  Creating a nice looking report.  Defining a print area.  Cross footing.  Demo of my programs. (e.g. How Long Will Your Money Last and Minimum Required withdrawal from a 401K)

Mar 26

Excel 3

Advanced Excel.  Introduction to some basic functions.  Working with functions.  Hiding rows and columns.  Protecting cells.  Linking worksheets.  Doing graphs. 

April 2

Windows Cont’d


File Management

Set up a new computer


More explanation on how to making Windows more efficient.  How to examine your computer for startup functions.  System Tray.  Review of in-depth explanation on how to use Windows Explorer.  Reference to Microsoft Edge Browser.  This sounds like topics covered earlier, but questions often make this session relevant. If it hasn't been dealt with yet, backing up a computer will be addressed.  Detailed Control Panel use.

   Working with networks. Sharing files and printers.  Moving data from old computer to new one.  Wireless router setup.    Hooking up a wireless printer and dealing with related problems.

Please bring all your questions, as always.

April 9

System Cleanup, Photo Story 3

Common computer mistakes

Last Meeting of the season. Snowbirds (including us) are starting leave by now.  General Internet.  Q & A on any topics.

   Downloading and using Microsoft’s free download called PhotoStory3.  Creating a nice slide show with music and slide animation.  This has always been a very fun and well-received topic.

   Working with digital pictures.  Will emphasize how to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager for picture enhancement.  Learn how to get rid of red-eye and brighten up dark photos.  Other digital picture handler programs discussed (e.g. Picasa).  How to make your camera’s setting more efficient.

   Time usually permits having open discussion on any topic you want such as more interesting Internet Sites and maybe using Quicken.  Have a safe summer and hope to see you in the fall - if you are still interested.